Lewis drawing


Lewis is very cautious about everything around him. Unlike Niall, he doesn't do much exercise at all and he has trouble running. But, he is a computer wiz and he is very trust worthy and generous. He is easily angered and he loves grapes. Lewis is quite smart with technology and Space, but is a average day sucker because he fools for many tricks. He is unaware of his sister's age which is first shown in Slaves of the Sister, where he buys Kira a Dora the Explorer video to keep her quite about him and Niall sneaking out to town.

Niall drawing


Niall is more relaxed and toned down than Lewis. He is very active, great at sports anf loves to play his guitar. Like Lewis, he would do anything for a friend in need. He usally makes Lewis realise that he has been tricked, so is considered to be smarter than Lewis, but in a different way.

Kira drawing



Dylan drawing



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