Don't Forget is a story arc in Season 1 and 2.
Dont forget
It is mostly seen in every episode at the end or briefly. The image at the right is a example of what to except. It is unknown what it means.


  • Pilot- Seen on Kira's TV. Dissappears in the next scene.
  • The Craving- Seen on Lewis' back. Niall spots it and rips it off.
  • Slaves of the Sister- Seen on Kira's palace.
  • Money Monkey- Seen on the back of a Phone.
  • Crazy Stunts TV- Seen on a table outside.
  • The Lost Guitar- Seen severeal times; on the wall, table, mirror, etc.
  • The Third Guy- Niall spots it on a wall, he looks at it very closely and the picture changes into a similar picture, only the face is winking, which scares Niall. Niall only took a intrest in it because he has seen it before and when Niall asks Lewis about Myles, Lewis doesn't remember him.

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