This is a guide to all of the episodes in Lewis and Niall.

Season One (2011)Edit

Image Name Description Airdate
TBA Pilot Someone keeps on knocking on Lewis' door and giving him Sonic 06. It's up to Niall to find out who it is. January 2011
TBA The Craving Lewis and Niall has a craving problems; Lewis keeps eating galaxy cake bars and Niall is glued to his guitar. January 2011
TBA Slaves of the Sisters Lewis and Niall stayed out late and to keep it secret, they must be Kira's slaves. 2011
TBA Money Monkey Lewis and Niall write a script about a monkey agent and sell it and have high expectations of profit. 2011
TBA Crazy Stunts TV

Lewis convinces Niall into making a TV show about Niall doing crazy stunts.

Spring 2011
TBA The Lost Guitar Niall loses his guitar and they try to refresh his memory to find out where it is. 2011
TBA The Third Guy Lewis' long lost brother, Myles appears from nowhere. 2011
TBA 2011
TBA 2011
TBA Summer 2011
TBA Back Flash Lewis and Niall look back at many of their adventures when they become very bored. Summer 2011
TBA The Untitled and Confusing Finale Lewis has realised throughout the whole season, the words "Don't forget!" have been following him and it's not long until Niall is captured. Winter 2011

Season Two (2012)Edit

If the first season becomes popular enough, another season will be greenlit.

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